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Caixa de velocidades

Repair and refurbishment of critical gearboxes and industrial transmission equipment require competent specialists with extensive practical experience. Our production facilities offer unique solutions and services for comprehensive and professional repair and refurbishment of all types of gearboxes to eliminate repetitive causes of malfunctions and allow your equipment to operate in the field. In doing so, we follow the optimal timing to get your product back into the factory. A warranty is provided.

Our company has all the necessary equipment and repair base with competent specialists who have been trained at the factories of manufacturers.

Repair and restoration of gearboxes of manufacturers:

1. Gearboxes and gearmotors NORD

2. Gear units and gearmotors from CMD

3. Gear units and gearmotors REXNORD

4. Gear units and TRAMEC gearmotors

5. Gear units and VARVEL gearmotors

6. Gear units and gearmotors YILMAZ REDUKTOR

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