Transporte de carga

Transporte de carga

The freight transportation market has a saturated competitive environment, while transportation of oversized cargoes has increased requirements for transportation technology. Rich experience of UMM allows to develop and implement technologies of cargo transportation, which sometimes seem impossible. All cargo transportation projects are developed taking into account the industry rules and requirements and coordination in the regulatory authorities, which confirms the high quality of services provided.

Tipos de transporte de carga
Truck vehicles

Specialized company UMM has a wide experience of cargo transportation on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries.

Choosing UMM, the customer receives the most effective logistics solutions for the transportation of all kinds of goods, as well as:

  • Competent and fast selection of the required trucks for delivery.
  • Drawing up of the project of manufacture of works on performance of works on loading/unloading of cargo from a vehicle.
  • Constant expansion of the park of special equipment, improvement, and increase in the range of services offered.
  • Delivery at reasonable prices, in a short time.
  • Providing clients with all necessary rigging equipment for cargo transportation and transportation.
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