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On June 5, 1944, Sergey E. Endeka registered the first order of the company, which for 75 years of its development managed to retain its leading position in the market of installation and service of hoisting-and-transport machines in Ukraine, which is confirmed by the experience and the arsenal of implemented projects - 3.5 thousand completed projects. About 70% of the projects were implemented in the transport industry, and the remaining 30% - in mining, diamond mining, metallurgy, energy, engineering, agriculture, mining, chemical, shipbuilding, and ship repair industries. One of the key features of UMM, which our clients have in common, is the solution of non-standard complex tasks in installation and repair work, which few are able to take up.

During the last decade, UMM continues to strengthen its own positions in traditional segments of its activity - assembly, and service of maintenance and service of cargo handling machines and also pays more and more attention to market tendencies, timely adjustment of a strategy of development of the company and realization of new market opportunities. One of such opportunities for the company was the development of a new niche - the agricultural sector of Ukraine, which is the engine for the development of the domestic economy. Today, it should be noted that UMM is the leader in the number of mounted ship loaders in the ports of Ukraine. UMM installed 8 ship loaders, which eventually increased the total capacity of specialized grain terminals in Ukraine by 2-3 million tons per year and significantly increased the export potential of the Ukrainian grain market.

The company's management is sincerely grateful to its staff and all customers who have supported and supported UMM since its foundation for 75 years. True to our motto "EASY TO LIFT WITH UMM", we will continue to do our job so that our customers always had easy to lift their heavy loads and business as a whole.