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The Grabber (Greifer, from greifen) is a load-carrying device for cranes, loaders and monorail trolleys for bulk materials, scrap and shavings, coarse lumps of stone and fibrous materials, as well as longitudinal timber.

The grabber is a device designed to extract and load bulk (loose, dusty, lumpy) and piece loads. Speaking of grabbers, there are two main types of grabbers that are fundamentally different in purpose. The first type includes grabbing buckets, the main purpose of which is digging the ground. The second type includes grabber grippers designed for loading and unloading operations.

Grabbers are equipped with lifting mechanisms and digging equipment, such as cranes and excavators, on the hook or boom which hooks a grabbing mechanism, expanding their scope of application. The design feature of the grab bucket, consisting of a pair of jaws, allows you to work "in-depth" without expanding the boundaries of the digging area. It has found wide application in digging (cleaning) wells and drilling wells.

Our company is the manufacturer and the representative of several European manufacturers.

We can deliver grabbers of the following execution:

  • Wire rope:
  1. Single rope
  2. Two rope and varieties: four rope and four-rope
  • A grabber with a stiff hanger.
  1. Drive (motor).
  2. Two- and multi-jawed.
Types of products