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1944 - 1959
On March 13, 1944, the troops of the 3rd Ukrainian front liberated themselves from the Nazi invaders of Kherson, and three months later, on the map of the marine transport industry of the USSR appeared the company UMM, created as a strategic object with a far-reaching and very important goal - the restoration of the Black and Azov Seaports in the postwar period.
The official countdown of the history of the company UMM is carried out since June 5, 1944, when according to the radiogram of the head of the Black Sea-Azov mounting and restoration office, a structural unit of the People's Commissariat of the USSR Navy, It was decided to open the "Kherson Montazhno-Restoration Site", which was soon renamed to the "Kherson Montazhno-Restoration Office" and later to the UPMO MMF (Yuzhmormontazh)".
Today we can't help but remember those dear to us people who stood at the beginning of our enterprise. First of all, it is the first head Sergey E. Endeka who as the head of a site has mounted and has put in operation the first portal crane in the Kherson sea port in that far 1944 when there was a war. At that time, the first fitters were mostly women, while the men were still at the front. Of particular interest is the first orders found in the archive. The orders are written on sheets of paper, which are cut from paper bags made of Portland cement, leftover from the Germans after the occupation of the city. The very first order of June 5, 1944, in which S.E. Endeka writes that "from this day on I start to perform the duties of the head of the "Kherson assembly and restoration area".
Hundreds of portal, slipway, gantry and bridge cranes were installed at industrial plants, shipyards, sea and river ports of the USSR under the leadership of S.E. Endeki.
1959 - 1994
YUZHMORMONTAZH has grown into a large construction department of the 1st group of construction projects due to the scale of the work performed. During the famous Soviet five-year period, UMM specialists installed the main crane fleet of the sea and river ports, shipyards, and shipyards of the South of the USSR (7 shipping companies) - more than 90%. The brand name "Yuzhmormontazh" was first given to the Southern Installation Department of UPMO MMF in June 1968.
In this period of our company's history Olgerd Sergeyevich Metus - veteran, head of UMM department (1975-1993) - played a great role. In 1956, he graduated from the Faculty of Port Mechanization at OIIMPh and was sent to work at the Kherson Sea Port as an engineer in the Mechanization Department. In April 1963, at the invitation of S.E. Endeki, he agreed to move from the port, where at that time he was a senior engineer, to the position of Chief Engineer of the Southern section (then called UMM). With the appointment of the Chief Engineer, he was faced with the main task - the development of the organization in terms of expanding the production area. Together with S.E. Endek, he was able to obtain support from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs for the design and construction of a new UMM base at the Pallada plant. Quality engineering training allowed for prompt decisions on dead-end assembly issues, which ultimately allowed Olgerd Sergeyevich to keep the quarterly plan - 120 blocks in total - under control over 30 years of work.
Olgerd Sergeyevich proved to be an energetic and determined manager of the company, who focused on the development of production and material base, improvement of assembly technologies and innovations, simplification of document flow for foremen and education of personnel. He was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor and three medals. He was twice awarded the MMF Certificate of Honor and is an Honorary Worker of the USSR Ministry of Motor Fleet.
As the development of international foreign economic relations of the USSR and the supply of domestic engineering products for export, UMM enters foreign markets for the installation of crane and transshipment equipment in ports and enterprises in Cuba, Vietnam, Yemen, Finland, Albania, Iran, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Somalia, etc. On the coast of the Black, Caspian and Azov Seas, more than 80% of all portal cranes are mounted by UMM specialists.
1994 - 2004
The consequences of perestroika had a strong impact on almost every market. The country's economy has fallen into disrepair, so the volume of work has dropped sharply. However, UMM managed to increase its portfolio of orders and continue its business even in such difficult conditions, restructuring and changing its production policy in response to changes in market conditions.
In 1994, the range of services offered by UMM, in addition to the traditional for the company installation of lifting and transport vehicles, included the delivery of replacement parts, installation of metal structures, relocation of port equipment, expert inspection of lifting equipment and transportation of oversized cargo, and the company itself was transformed into JSC "Yuzhmormontazh". In five years of work in the new economic conditions, Ildar Serazeevich Gibadullin was appointed chief engineer, and in another five years, in 2004, he was elected general director of PJSC Yuzhmormontazh.
The important stage of UMM activity was the development of new markets - metallurgical and machine-building, mining and energy industries. It was this decision of the management that gave the company the main growth of orders. Installation of two coal loaders of Ukrainian production is a major professional achievement of UMM installers. One of them is at TETs-2 in Novosibirsk, the second one is at the coke and gas plant of the Mechel group.
In the new state, the company UMM conducts its main activity through major repairs, installation, and delivery of spare parts. 10% of work in Kherson and the region, 60% - in Ukraine, and 30% - abroad, in the former Soviet republics. The company continues to confidently increase its portfolio of orders in Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and other countries, which need a reliable partner in terms of installation and service of lifting and transport machines.
2004 - up to now
In October 2004, the company was reorganized into PJSC "Yuzhmormontazh". Company UMM successfully participates in the international tenders, cooperates and installs the equipment of crane building factories of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Ireland, the United States of America.
In the last decade UMM continues to strengthen its own positions in the traditional segments of its activity - installation, and service of hoisting-and-transport machines, and also pays more and more attention to market trends, timely adjustment of the company's development strategy and implementation of new market opportunities. One of such opportunities for the company was the development of a new niche - the agricultural sector of Ukraine, which is the engine for the development of the domestic economy. Today, it should be noted that UMM is the leader in the number of mounted ship loaders in the ports of Ukraine. UMM installed 8 ship loaders, which eventually increased the total capacity of specialized grain terminals in Ukraine by 2-3 million tons per year and significantly increased the export potential of the Ukrainian grain market.